Sors Tamást beválasztották a Nemzetközi Paraúszó Sportolói Tanácsadó Testületbe

World Para Swimming has announced that five athletes have been elected to the World Para Swimming Athletes’ Advisory Group (AAG) following an election which took place during the Mexico City 2017 World Championships in Mexico City.

They are:

• Phelipe Andrews Melo Rodrigues (Brazil)

• Anna Eames (USA)

• Matthew Levy (Australia)

• David Semtanine (France)

• Tamas Sors (Hungary)

The AAG will serve a four-year term from 2018-2021, acting as a liaison between the athletes and the World Para Swimming Management Team.

The goal of the Athletes’ Advisory Group is to represent the entire Para swimming population (including all impairment groups with balanced gender representation) and therefore World Para Swimming will consider making additional appointments to facilitate this.

The group will also provide advice to the Sport Technical Committee (STC) and the World Para Swimming Management Team, promote a “healthy image” and “fair play”, promote and foster the worldwide development of Para swimming and attend or host athletes’ meetings at major sport competitions.

World Para Swimming will also appoint a Lead of the AAG who will represent it during STC meetings when requested, as well as liaise on behalf of the AAG with the STC and the World Para Swimming Management Team.


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